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SmylUSA offers premium teeth Whitening Kit that helps you achieve clear bright and shining teeth in just a few minutes. Our LED teeth whitening tray works with special cold light technology. The blue light reacts with the professional teeth whitening gel to effectively remove the stains from the surface of the teeth and gives you bright shining white teeth.

The Whitening kit comes with 1 Teeth Whitening Light, 3 Teeth Whitening Pens, and a shade guide.

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Teeth Whitening Kit video


With this new and innovative form of orthodontics, it can be scary. Not with SmylUSA! They assigned me to a dentist where I was able to have my initial consultation via video chat. I was able to express all of my concerns and know that my treatment was safe with my licensced dentist (who i can contact at any time). I am waiting on my aligners and can't wait to see my new smile! I'll be sure to update with results!

By Brandon

Got my SmylUSA aligners 3 weeks ago and I can't wait to see the progress. They fit nice and tight so I know they doing their job! #milliondollarsmile

By Ashley

Everyone is so nice at SmylUSA it's not like they are selling something, but seeing if this is a good option for you. They genuinely care about your oral health . Only aligner company I was able to find where I was able to connect with my actual dentist! I'm on month 3 and the progress is starting to show!!!

By Eli

Recommended for a quick at home treatment that avoids you going into the dentist. Saves you time and most of all you can do it at your own time and place. Started seen the difference on the second treatment. And I’m loving it.

By Makeila

First time using the whitening kit and I already see results. It’s so easy to use, and that it just plugs directly into my phone is a huge plus for me. Great product by great people.

By Tom

I really liked how fast it whitened and it makes me feel more confident and comfortable with my new smile! Super easy to use and so convenient.

By Lucas

So happy with the amazing results using SMYL USA whitening gel. Really convenient to use and only requires 16 minutes for a brighter smile.

By Kelly

Before trying SmylUSA’s teeth whitening kit, I had been hesitant to try any teeth lightening treatment since my teeth are very sensitive. One use of whitening strips gave me sharp pains in my teeth. I had become self conscious of the color so I figured I'd give it a shot.

After using the kit only twice, I have to say I am impressed with the results. I'm thrilled there's something out there that helped without causing discomfort.

By Brynn

I love SmylUSA’s whitening kit because of how easy it is to use! Being able to plug the LED whitening tray directly into my phone makes it so unique from other whitening kits. I am able to multi task while whitening my teeth and I don’t feel like I’m drooling the entire time! With this quick 16 minute treatment, I find it too convenient not to give it a try! I’m already noticing a difference in my teeth!

By Ella

SOO many resources to help you complete your impression like a champ. I didn't even know what an impression was before this. Easier than you think! SmylUSA provides you with a user manual, a video walkthrough, AND could provide you with a live walkthrough if you are really nervous about doing it correctly. I was able to complete with just the walkthrough video. Doctor just created my aligner plan! So excited to get my box!

By Hayley

I messed up! I didn't watch the video on my portal and didn't mix my putty all the way. SmylUSA wasn't mad they sent me a new kit (for free) and asked if I needed some extra assistance on taking the next, as they could have someone do a video chat with me! Awesome, will be taking them up on that offer when I get my new kit!

By Louise

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