12 Reasons to Choose Clear Dental Aligners

12 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile, and a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Clear Aligners are also known as removable and invisible braces. It is a new technological advancement in Orthodontics to give an individual a confident, clear, and hygienic smile. It is an aesthetic, comfortable, and cleaner teeth straightening method to straighten and adjust teeth without dietary restrictions as compared to traditional metal braces.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are used to straighten your teeth, mild-moderate dental irregularity, correcting dental crowding and dental spacing issues. They are made of durable, invisible plastic material and work like braces; clear dental aligners also use a gradual force to control a tooth’s movement without using metal wires or brackets. Once a series of aligners get arranged, each aligner moves the teeth a little bit more into place until the desired movement is complete. Once the ideal position of the teeth is achieved, retainers help them to stay in their position.

To get the desired result, one must wear clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Typically, aligner treatment can span between three weeks to six months, but it is a shorter treatment process than traditional braces.

Here are 11 Reasons to Choose Clear Dental Aligners

  1. Single Solution to Multiple Dental Issues:

Not all of us are gifted with the perfect set of aligned teeth. Many of us have crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth. Sometimes people have a smaller mouth for their teeth, resulting in crowding of teeth. In some cases, the upper and lower jaws are not of the same size or are distorted, resulting in an overbite, underbite, or cross-bite. Overbite occurs when there is an excessive protrusion of the upper jaw, and the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw by 2-millimeters or more. When the lower jaw protrudes forward, causing the lower jaw and teeth to extend beyond the upper teeth, under-bite occurs. Cross-bite happens when the upper teeth sit inside vs. outside the lower teeth while closing the mouth.

Clear dental aligners solve all these issues like crooked teeth, overbite, under-bite, gaps between your teeth or overcrowding, and mild-moderate dental irregularity. It avoids extractions of premolars by creating interdental space through interproximal reduction.

2.Get Rid of Odd Look Problem of Traditional Braces:

Unlike traditional braces, that are visible when worn, clear aligners are barely noticeable when worn as it uses custom fitting dental trays that fit over teeth. The aligners gently realign the teeth and allow patients to achieve perfectly straight teeth. Clear aligners are becoming popular nowadays amongst the youth because it is invisible.

3. Clear Dental Aligners are Removable:

Clear aligners are removable trays that pop off easily whenever you need to lift them out of the mouth, making them easy to use and clean, unlike traditional braces.

4. Eat Whatever You Desire with Clear Aligners:

Clear aligners allow patients to consume food without dietary restrictions and hygiene issues. While using traditional braces, some food types are restricted for consumption as they may get stuck within the wire and make it difficult to clean. There are no restrictions on food with clear aligners, as you take them out while eating and drinking, except while drinking water.

5. Quick and Permanent Result:

Clear aligners give an impressive result in a comparatively short period. The average time for straightening your teeth using Clear Aligner treatment can be between one month to six months. It can stretch to 9 months in several cases. While traditional braces usually require an average of two years to straighten teeth.

6. Better Health and oral hygiene

Straight teeth are easier to clean thus ensuring better health of teeth and gums. Crooked, overlapping, twisted, or teeth with gaps may also lead to multiple health issues like migraines, tooth decay, halitosis, gum disease, and much more. Clear aligners can help to get rid of these health issues.

7. Clear Dental Aligners Make Straightening Teeth Convenient & Comfortable:

Clear Aligners are a comfortable alternative to traditional braces as it offers the same level of effectiveness in a shorter period and more ease of use.

8. Avoid Sharp Edges:

In traditional braces, brackets come with sharp edges that can potentially irritate cheeks. The clear aligner’s edges are smooth, soft, and comfortable. Aligners have a smooth surface, so there is no chance that it gets snagged on cloth, hair, or any other objects.

9. Maintain Your White Smile:

In certain cases, braces can cause slight staining of teeth in some spots, and the patients need to undergo professional teeth whitening services following the treatment. The aligners are easy to remove, making it easier to brush and clean teeth thoroughly, and there are no teeth staining post-treatment.

10. No Pain:

Unlike traditional metal braces that may result in mouth sores and discomfort, Clear aligners offer a cut/wound free experience.

11. Safety:

Aligners are plastic-based, thus increasing safety as there are no protruding wires or metal bits. Not only are metal braces unattractive and can get caught on or scratch the lips and gums, but they’re also a small percentage of people who have metal allergies and thus can’t use traditional braces.

For those who suffer from metal sensitivities, clear plastic aligners are the perfect alternative. Since patients can take these trays entirely out of the mouth, it is also easier for patients to avoid the development of tartar and plaque deposits. Both brushing and flossing are infinitely more comfortable with clear aligner treatment while access to the natural tooth surfaces is unimpeded by metal brackets or wires.

12. Affordable:

Clear dental aligners cost around are relatively more pocket friendly compared to traditional braces. Looking at comfortability, safety, and other benefits, nowadays adult prefers it, and it is “clearly” a better alternative at optimum price.


Clear Aligners is an innovative technology in the field of orthodontics to straighten teeth. Looking at the unique and valuable benefits like invisibility, comfort, safety, painless treatment, affordability, no diet restriction, less staining, etc., it is becoming the first choice among people who wish to have a perfect smile.

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